Want a dreamcatcher with a difference? What is a dreamcatcher and what is it used for?

Dream catchers were used in Native American cultures as talismans to ward off evil spirits and bad dreams.  The "Sacred Hoops" were hung over a sleeping person, children in particular.  Good dreams pass through the dream-catcher and drift gently down the feathers to aid restful sleep.  Bad dreams, or nightmares, being caught by the central web, so enabling undisturbed sleep.


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equilibrium Necklace Dreamcatcher White Feathers
equilibrium Necklace Dreamcatcher White Feathers

plated with real rose gold

equilibrium Suncatcher Dreamcatcher Blue Clear Pink

Create an area to relax with a Dreamcatcher hanging suncatcher 

Create an area in your home to relax, reflect and promote well-being and aid restful sleep... with these dreamcatchers and our crystal suncatchers ...

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