An achievement? say congratulations the Spaceform way

In stock, immediate despatch

Approximate dimensions: 60mm x 30mm x 8mm 

Supplied in Spaceform London box


Looking for a keepsake gift to say congratulations when someone achieves a qualification they've been working towards?  Show your best wishes the Spaceform way... graduation, new job...

This stylish polished glass keepsake has deeply etched letters on the back each hand-painted with a multitude of rainbow colours with sentiment inscription 'what an achievement' and the word 'incredible' etched on the front of the landscape token.  Would be an ideal​ gift for a friend or relation as a memento of their special event or position in their life

Say congratulations the Spaceform way and each time the recipient looks at this stunning ornament it will stir memories of a happy occasion when  they achieved their dreams or when they were well on the way to achieving their future happiness.

Another stunning token from Spaceform of London.

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